Client Testimonials

Cristine is at the top of my list of go-to practitioners. She is deeply intuitive, gentle, and effective in her healing work. I love that she provides feedback as she uses her skills. We have an easy rapport and trust which makes our sessions that much better, even in an event environment. She is focused on me as a client, not distracted by the bustle of a fair.

Her energy healing goes deep. Her crystal and sound work hit all the right spots. I look forward to each encounter, knowing I will come away so much better off.
— Susy Parker Goins, Seattle, WA , Blue Lightning Healing
I had never met Cristine before but when I came across her business I felt drawn to see her and knew that I needed to. I have been going through a spiritual journey of sorts and I just felt it in myself that I needed to have a intuitive healing session with her. I had some pain in my body (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and was hoping this session with be helpful and boy was it.

I loved how Cristine greeted me and loved her presence. Right away she made me feel comfortable. I loved the space that she has set up for these experiences. The space is a safe, warm, and cozy space. She made sure that any questions I had were answered. She shared with me before my session even began messages that she had received for me from my spirit guides. She was able to answer questions that I didn’t know I had. She was attuned and focused but very sweet, caring, and nurturing at the same time. I received so much love, healing, and insightful information during my session. I really enjoyed my experience with Cristine. I left the session feeling amazing and grateful. She provided me with pertinent information that I can incorporate in my spiritual practice and continue use moving forward. Things have been shifting for me and I am excited for what awaits.

I highly recommend working with Cristine. She has a beautiful and loving spirit.
— Quisha Galloway, Federal Way, WA
I recently had an intuitive healing session with Cristine which left me feeling stronger in spirit and significantly clearer of mind.

She has a deep understanding of her intuitive gifts for shifting energy and identifying areas asking for attention or change. Cristine was well prepared for my session, was entirely in the present moment by remaining focused and she communicated in a loving, nurturing and professional manner. She worked with my intentions rather than influencing them with her own agenda. I immediately sensed her integrity for knowing what my spirit and body wanted

Her space is a beautiful, calming love filled environment which truly supports the very sacred work she was meant to do.

I have been using and gifting her Cultivated Hippy Spiritual Products for months. They are pure, clean and effective and are my go to when I want to shift “in the moment”.

A heart full of gratitude for being connected with Cristine
— Dianne, Seattle, WA
My one session with Cristine was filled with love, caring, and healing. Funny that one encounter resulted in some big work for me.

Her intuition on what needed work was spot on. Her gentle method allowed me to relax into the energy flow. She identified an area in sore need of love, release, and compassion. The energy she sent healed a lot of built up old stuff in the area of my body and my life.

I am grateful I met Cristine and am looking forward to another session with her.
— Susy, Blue Flame Healing
For more than a decade I have coped with hypocalcemia as a result of a botched thryoid surgery. My medical focus has been on strengthening my bones and protecting my kidneys, but the most challenging has been the bouts of debilitating fatigue. I had low expectations that Reiki could help a body damaged more than ten years ago.

Cristine’s professional, positive, and caring demeanor encouraged me to try a treatment with Reiki. Certainly it was as relaxing as I expected, but I also found that I had an emotional release as we talked through different imagery that came up during the treatment. Once Cristine got to my neck, I had a profound experience of relief, as if something had been missing and was renewed. My neck scar is so completely healed that it’s easy to forget the exact source of my difficulties, and so it was as much a surprise to have this reaction as it was kind of obvious that so much of my energy was caught up in the dysfunction in my neck.

The two weeks after the treatment were AMAZING. I didn’t have a single moment of fatigue, and I found myself thinking “This is how normal people feel!” for the first time in who knows how long. I easily doubled my daily activity without having to “pay” for it later. As time goes on, I’m able to mentally return to that memory of that feeling and a sense of grounding and calmness spreads through me.

Cristine is clearly a gifted and compassionate healer, and I highly recommend her practice. If she can make that much of a difference for my complicated and chronic illness in just one session, I have no doubts that she can find a way to help anyone!
— Sara H, Seattle, WA

I’ve gotten to know Cristine in several capacities since 2011. As she has embarked on the journey of energy clarity and finding herself within its endless abilities, it has been wonderful being on the healing end of her practices. As an individual that works on my feet all day, I listen to others and provide gentle feedback as a profession. I find it far too often that time is not taken to heal myself.

Cristine has the innate ability to focus her energy and healing on the areas that I need most. I found myself able to fully relax, focus and regenerate. Having had others perform Reiki or what I thought was energy healing before, my experience with Cristine was absolutely different. I appreciate how much at ease and overall comfortable I am. Thank you so much for taking the time, Looking forward to my next session!
— Kim Hicks, Creative Beauty, Seattle, WA

I was not sleeping well. I must admit I was a bit skeptical the first time I tried Reiki, but if it can heal me, I’m always game to try. Then Cristine told me to relax and she held her hands over my feet. I instantly fell asleep, waking only every time I felt intense heat. I was so relaxed that I became disoriented and when I would wake up I had to remind myself I was having Reiki. I slept very well for a few weeks after our session. I tried it again (after being more rested) with Cristine and the same thing happened. Now I am a believer!
— Betty Kim, Seattle, WA

“This was my first time trying Reiki—I was initially nervous because I didn’t know much about it or how it worked, but I do know and trust Cristine, so I made an appointment with her for energy healing, and I am very glad I did! It was such a lovely, enchanting experience, and I still feel better even after a week.

There were several things I felt needed some healing, and some physical symptoms and pain that were of concern for quite a while. I’ve been recovering from a pretty bad year, where nothing seemed to work out in any area. During this time, I experienced an unfortunate physical loss, and although I thought that the grief and sadness was behind me, I discovered while working with Cristine that I was still carrying quite a bit of it with me. During our session I experienced such an incredible release of emotion that I wept for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, I felt lighter and happier— I still feel this way, and I am so thankful to Cristine for letting that part of me go so kindly.

I felt safe and happy with Cristine and I believe this led to a very successful energy healing. Some of the images she described I could see in my mind’s eye and during our session I felt as if I were floating. Afterwards I felt “clean” and sparkly!

I loved this and will do it again!
— Francesca M., Seattle, WA

I was going through a rough time and was in need for some clarification and nurturing. I just didn’t know where to go. A mutual friend of ours pulled me aside one night and said, ‘Go to Cristine, she’s a skilled healer.’ I’ve known Cristine for a few years and knew of her many talents in the business world but I had no idea how truly skilled she is at healing.

She has created a beautiful, peaceful setting to hold her sessions. I immediately felt calm and at ease. While I was lying on the table she described what she saw and felt, and each time she did this I immediately felt chills all over my body. Cristine helped me find my ‘happy place.’ A place where I can find comfort and nurturing; a true place of self-love.
— Tracy R., Seattle, WA

Cristine is a dedicated student, a compassionate friend, being and mother, and, most important and vital as a teacher and healer, she can place all of the emotion of the former aside and be in practice of love, healing, empathy, and vision with a clear and pure intuition as her guide. She is part of a minority, one which is thankfully ever-growing.
— Kimberly Kanouse, Yoga Lifestylist, Seattle, WA

I had finally decided to get my house together. After 9 roommates, an ex-husband, and a new live-in mother, there was a huge pile of things that weren’t mine mixed with things that were mine...plus a huge amount of negative energy in my house associated with divorce and ex-roommates. I needed to call in the big guns.

I first called another person to help, a “clutter expert” and paid her to make my house even worse than it was before. She didn’t finish the job...she just relocated things and made me look like a hoarder to my clients that I work with in my house.

I found Cristine and my prayers were answered. She found a way to keep us focused and moving forward, all with laughs and no judgement. She even helped change the negative energy in my house. We buried crystals, we centered the house with selenite, and we emptied all the needless baggage that was bringing me down. When we finished I swear I didn’t work out or eat less, but I had lost 10 lbs. from the absence of stress that the clutter had brought.

Not only did she help me purge, she helped me find appropriate places for my junk. She took anything with fabric away for me to a place that reuses it, and she helped me get rid of computer junk, and it was so helpful that she insisted on labeling everything I was keeping or giving away so it was easy to find and organize whenever she left.

If I ever get in a predicament like this again, I will definitely be calling Cristine. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.
— Kim L., Seattle, WA

Cristine’s work brings lightness to me each time we work together. After considerable soulful, painful personal discovery effort, I wanted to do somatic work. I had felt the insights and wisdom I had gained were not fully accessible to me, because my body was holding residuals.

Cristine is a powerful energy worker and in my experience also a wonderful collaborator. Our first session was a tag-team effort. What I sensed as an acute pain, Cristine flooded with her healing energy and worked through it to release it. It was incredibly intense, and there was real trust and connection between us.

I don’t possess Cristine’s gift for energy work, but when I share the insights of my own being, I know Cristine’s gifts bring me closer to my own.
— S.H., Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me heal. It was so relaxing to be in that room and have you work with me. I think/feel that the session with you helped me heal, because I have had NO headaches since then! Thank you so, so, so much!
— K., Seattle, WA recently injured in a car accident

It was so kind and generous of you to give my son the gift of your healing hands, mind & heart! Thank you for giving your time to do that! He felt so comfortable with you, and has benefited greatly from the work you did with him! Thank you so much!
— C.K., Seattle, WA (her teenage son had recently been in an accident)