After Care: Post-Session Tips

After Session Self-Care Tips to Enhance your Healing


If you have had a healing session with me, I wish to thank you.  You have done something wonderful for yourself and I am honored to have worked with you.  Congratulations on having listened to and acted on the urge you had to come to this energy healing session.  If you are considering a session I urge you to follow your instincts and do what feels right for you.


I tend to attract to me people who are embarking upon an exciting personal journey of self-discovery as well as those who are on the path and ready to make a significant leap.  It is my sincere wish for you that our session aids you in moving and releasing energy that you no longer need, freeing you to move forward.   

You are a co-creator in your own healing, and have a wonderful opportunity to enhance the healing you’ve had in your session by following the self-care tips included here. 

You will know what you need, so use these ideas as a guide and follow those suggestions that resonate as being right for you. 

Basic Self-Care Tips


Water is an essential part of caring for yourself after a healing session.  Be sure to drink plenty of water, preferably filtered.  This will help your body flush out what it no longer needs.  When I have had particularly intense sessions for my own healing, I find I crave lots of water for 12-24 hours following. 

Water should also be used to cleanse your body on the outside.  Take a shower after your session, and use some sea salt as a scrub.  Treat your body gently and with reverence and love.  Lather with care as you wash.  Let the water rinse away that which you don’t need any longer, and you will emerge feeling restored and refreshed.  If you use lotion after your shower, apply it with love in a soothing way. 

Follow your shower with a soak in the bath, adding Epsom salts or sea salt.  If you wish to take only a bath, it’s advisable to first rinse with a shower before you soak yourself.  Light a candle if desired.


Listen to your body’s needs for rest.  You may find you are energized after your session, or you may feel rather tired either right away or later that evening.  It is possible also for a feeling of tiredness to linger for a few days following.  I have had all these things occur to me after energy work I have experienced.  The important thing is to tune in to what your body needs and be ready to provide adequate rest. 


Eating clean, healthful, organic food is usually best but if you feel the urge to indulge in something particular, follow your craving!

Advanced Self-Care Tips


Spend time outdoors in a place of beauty as often as you are able to do so.  We certainly have an abundance of beauty in the Pacific Northwest!  Watch the sunrise or a sunset.  Take a walk after dinner around your neighborhood.  Listen to the birds sing.  A weekend hike, or perhaps enjoy your coffee on a park bench or in your yard. Get on out there and breathe in the beauty around you!  Our pace of life is hectic and demanding; spending even a few moments in nature helps us to stay balanced.



Learn to become conscious of breathing fully.  Breathing in this way will give you a feeling of being cleansed and energized and will help you in many ways on all levels of your body, mind, and spirit.

Get started by slowly filling your lungs to their fullest and imagine reaching your breath into every part of your body, especially into any areas where you are experiencing issues.  Compare this deep breath and the resulting feeling to the typical breath you have when you are not paying attention to it.

Observe your own natural breathing.  How long is your inhale?  How long is your exhale?  Do you pause in between?  How does it feel when you do?  If you were to measure how much of your lungs were filling with air each time you inhale throughout the day, what percentage would it be?  20%? 50%? 75%?

Experiment with breathing to your lungs’ capacity.  Slowly and steadily draw air in through your nose, and imagine it filling in from your nose to the top of your lungs, filling your lungs, and then filling all the way down to your belly.  Exhale slowly, at the same pace you inhaled.

Strive to bring this attention to your breathing on a regular basis.  Find a little trick to trigger you to remember to do this…perhaps at every red traffic light you do it, or whenever you hear an airplane overhead, or every time you see a coffee shop.