Welcome.  I am delighted you are here.

Each day, each person, each moment presents to us an opportunity to grow, learn, and heal.  When we can shift our focus, however briefly, from our busy lives to look inward and see how the outer and the inner are connected, we are able to find deeper joy, meaning and satisfaction in our lives.

I have been on a long and often intense journey of self-discovery and have learned so much that I would like to share with you.  Each of us is a Warrior Goddess or Warrior God, on our path to achieving wholeness, joy and balance.  Let me help you see this Warrior within you - you are so strong and powerful, and have all that you need within you.

Through Intuitive Healing, I work with you to shift energetic blockages that you are ready to release at this time.  Utilizing visioning and shamanic healing techniques, I access information for us to address your key healing areas with the dual goal of healing and understanding.  Understanding and knowledge will empower you and ultimately contribute to your continued healing by showing you how you can be in the driver's seat for your healing journey long after our session has ended.  I provide a safe and relaxing environment that is free of judgement and full of love and support.  I specialize in helping people navigate major transformations and can also help you with stress relief, relaxation and support of physical healing.

I invite you to explore this site to learn more.  Should you wish to schedule a Session, you can reach me at info@healingcollective.com or 206-456-4141.  Thank you for visiting!   -Cristine

An Overview of Energy Healing Work at the Healing Sanctuary