Hi There! I’m Cristine!

I help others navigate transformation and find more joy in their lives


I am an Intuitive Psychic Healer and offer my skills to you in a variety of forms so that you can find the way that best suits your needs. I specialize in supporting and guiding others as they navigate transformation and find more joy.

I work with you to shift energetic blockages that you are ready to release at this time.  Utilizing visioning and shamanic healing techniques, I access information for us to address your key healing areas with the dual goal of healing and understanding.  Understanding and knowledge will empower you and contribute to your continued healing by showing you how you can be in the driver's seat for your healing journey.  

My approach is to provide a safe and relaxing environment that is free of judgement and full of love and support.  I specialize in helping people navigate major transformations and can also help you with stress relief, relaxation and support of physical healing.

I offer the following services to support you:  

  • Intuitive Healing sessions

  • Energy Clearing for home & business

  • Spiritually-based Clutter Clearing Coaching

  • Cultivated Hippy Spiritual Beauty Products

  • Mentoring 

  • Teaching: Reiki, Working with Crystals, Crystals & Chakras

  • Daily Spiritual Insights on Instagram  @cultivatedhippy

I welcome the opportunity to help you in your journey - reach me through the links above. Most offerings are available from a distance, or come see me at my Healing Sanctuary in Seattle.

In gratitude, Cristine