What to Expect: Clutter Clearing Coaching

What to Expect with Clutter Clearing Coaching Sessions

What is Clutter? Clearing clutter means getting rid of anything that you no longer need, use, or love.  The definition of clutter is therefore different for each person.  The process of clearing clutter can be difficult for many of us because of the myriad underlying reasons that we hold onto our possessions.  When we rid ourselves of our clutter at the right pace for us and with an understanding of the reasons why we have the clutter, we can free ourselves from the cycle of clutter and open our homes and our very soul to a new way of being.  When we start to clutter clear, we are opening the pathway for a sparkling vibrance that invites new possibilities that are deeply aligned with our soul.  Isn't that exciting?

Support and Non-judgment The approach I take to coaching in clutter clearing work is one of infinite patience and support.  I will offer you my guidance and knowledge along with listening to what your needs and boundaries are and respecting them.  Often people are embarrassed by their clutter; I will not judge you and, if you like, I will share stories of my own personal cluttering clearing for myself and for my father, both of which will probably make you feel a whole lot better.  I have been there and I understand.  It is my honor to work with you.

Journey of the Soul  As an Energy Healer I can't but help myself to bring my intuitive nature into our clutter clearing work!  In fact, I view clutter clearing as an avenue to deep personal healing and getting more closely connected with your soul, both of which open us to experience more joy in our lives.  My work brings me deep satisfaction and joy and that is why I do it.  My teacher Denise Linn describes clutter clearing as a journey of the soul.  We will use meditation and visualization techniques to tune in to the feeling of your home and how your possessions make you feel, both of which will function as guideposts as you decide what to do with each item.  We will focus on what your ideal is for your space and I will guide you to look in new ways at the possibilities before you.  We will do some work with a life assessment questionnaire which will give clarity and focus to our effort.  I love to start with an energy clearing and a crystal grid to support us and smooth the way for our work.  We may also work with creating an altar, a vision board, affirmations, and essential oils - all depending upon your preferences and interests.  Please know that I am happy to adjust the way in which these concepts are approached in order to maximize your comfort level and needs!

Getting Started  I will ask you to initiate our work together by making a simple drawing of your home.  We then will meet and discuss where your home is at now and what changes you would like to make.  We will look at the life results you desire as a result of clearing clutter.  If you are open to it, next I will take you on a Guided Sacred Inner Journey.  In this journey I will guide you to discover how you are connected to your home and how clutter is truly affecting your life.  Following these insights we can decide which clearing method to use, whether you want to do a one-time short-term blitz or a multi-week program.  You will decide how much in-person support you would like from me;  I will be available by phone for a call both at the start and end of each day that we are not working together in person, so we will set times for our phone appointments.  We will also make a plan for how to best approach our work and set up our work schedule.  I will have you set an intention for the home and life you desire.

Clearing the Clutter I will come with boxes and a sorting system and we will dive in!  Our goal each day will be to use about half the time for clutter clearing and the second half of the time for putting things away.  

Difficult Items and Areas  When we come across an item or area that is difficult for you, we will work with it to understand what lies beneath the surface.  This is important, for if you choose to let go of the item it will help prevent it from what I call "spontaneously regenerating," or in other words, showing back up in your life in the future.  If you choose to keep the item, having a deeper understanding of your attachment to it will benefit you as well. The decision on what to do with each item is yours.  I will lead you to see if there is something deeper to consider and am there to support you with compassion, confidentiality, and non-judgement.  

Phone Check-Ins  On any of your program days that we are not working together in person we will meet by phone at both the start and the end of each day.   Mornings we will work together to set your focus for the day and fill you with inspiration.  Evenings we will talk about what has happened and what came up for you during the clearing work throughout the day.

Celebration  Clearing clutter is hard work, physically and emotionally!  We will celebrate our work and your progress towards the life you desire!