You are ready to release that which no longer serves you

and move forward into more joy

I can help you using the modality that best suits your specific needs. I offer:

  • Intuitive Healing Sessions healing + psychic insight

  • New! Holiday Healing Pass Nov, Dec, & Jan Special healing sessions + tools

  • New! Winter Soul Spa Reiki Jan, Feb & March Special great for gift giving

  • Energy Clearing of your home/workplace

  • Spiritual Consultations mentoring

  • Clutter Clearing Coaching shift energy in your physical space

  • Essential Oil-based supportive soaps & room sprays - Cultivated Hippy Products

  • Classes - Reiki Training, Crystals Classes

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Offering custom-blended sessions to support in bringing you into balance in body, mind & spirit.  Enjoy an increased sense of well-being from a healing tuned to your needs. Sessions consist of energy healing and psychic insights. I offer Intuitive Healing and draw upon my skills with Visioning, Shamanic Healing, Crystals, Essential Oils, Reiki and the Vibrations of Tuning Forks and Voice. Clients receive guidance, insights and/or resources given specifically to them from a higher source so they may be empowered to understand patterns and beliefs and co-create in their own healing. I am grateful to be a part of your journey. 

To learn more about what a session is like, please visit the Resources section of this website and see the guide entitled "What to Expect at a Healing Session" as well as the Testimonials section of this website

Available via Distance or in person

90+ Minute Sessions

  • $145 per session

  • Package of 3 - 90 min. Sessions $129/session ($386)

  • Sessions often go longer, especially first time clients - please allow for up to 30 additional minutes in case we need the time (included in session price)

Sauna After Healing Session

  • 30 minutes/$15

  • Relax and cleanse in a traditional cedar sauna after your session

  • Towels, spa body towel wraps and eucalyptus oil provided


3% discount offered to clients paying in cash or by local check

New! Holiday Healing Pass

Find balance, relaxation and your center in the midst of the frenetic holiday season. We will work with the powerful energies and situations that arise at this time of the year to bring you personal growth, a feeling of deep self-care and reduced holiday stress.

The Holiday Healing Pass is offered over a period of 3 months: November, December and January. Each month you will receive a 60-minute Intuitive healing session (scheduled at your convenience in person in West Seattle or via distance) and a Healing Tool to support you throughout the month.

  • Nurture November - 60 minute healing session + Nurturing Guided Meditation

  • December De-stress - 60 minute healing session + Cultivated Hippy Shift Spray

  • January Renewal - 60 minute healing session + Renewal Guided Meditation

Holiday Healing Pass is offered at $333

New! Winter Soul Spa Reiki Special

Nourish your soul in harmony with the winter season. Give the gift that tends to the glowing embers of the heart. Each month receive: 1-hour Reiki Session + 1 Soul Spa gift

  • January REST - 1 hour Reiki session + Guided Meditation

  • February REFLECT - 1 hour Reiki session + Cultivated Hippy Shift Spray

  • March RENEW - 1 hour Reiki session + Guided Meditation

Winter Soul Spa Reiki is offered at $333

Gift-Giving Ready with Gift Certificate and Card

Energy Clearing Sessions

Experience new vibrance, vitality, expansion and flow within your home or workplace with an energy clearing session.  When you hold the intention to make a shift towards what is true to you, you experience the energetic support of the universe and wonderful positive change as a result of an energy clearing session.  I draw upon my skills with Energy Work and Intuition and sometimes also Crystals, Essential Oils, and Sound Healing to offer you a custom-blended energy clearing of your space that is supportive of your needs.  Clearings can be done with burning herbs or with sound, according to your preference.  I will share any intuitive insights that may arise and teach you how to do your own clearing if you like. 

Homes up to 2 bedrooms  $42

Homes 3-5 bedrooms   $57

Workplace $42+, depending on your particular space

Available in Seattle and surrounding areas

3% discount offered to clients paying in cash or by local check

25% discount offered to Energy Healing clients scheduling within 90 days of healing session

Spiritual Consultations

Gain insights, ideas and resources for the next step in your journey.  I connect with our guides and work in co-creation with you to tune into the direction and information that is right for what you need at this time.  Excellent for spiritual seekers and for those interested in exploring the path of the healer. 30 minutes $55

Available via distance or in person

Healing Package Offerings

If you are making a significant transformation in your life and are seeking ongoing support, these offerings were created for you! Available in person or long-distance. Free initial consultation to explore this option and see if it is right for you.

On the Path Package, $325

Includes: Initial Spiritual Consultation (60 minutes), Intuitive Healing Session (90 minutes), Follow up Spiritual Consultation (60 minutes). Recommend to schedule over 4 week period.

Lift & Shift Deluxe Package, $575

Includes: Initial Spiritual Consultation (60 minutes), 2 Intuitive Healing Sessions (90 minutes each), 2 Follow up Spiritual Consultations (60 minutes each). Recommend to schedule over 1-3 month period.

Clutter Clearing Coaching Sessions

Go on a journey of the soul and experience the lightness, vibrance and new possibilities that result from clearing from your home that which you do not love and no longer need.  Imagine living in your space in a way that is ideal for you.  In a way that nourishes your spirit.  What does that look like for you?  How does it feel?  Learn how to break free of the hold that our stuff can have on us by getting to the heart of your attachment to particular items.  I will work with you in a supportive, patient and nonjudgmental way to clear your clutter at the pace and in the manner that is right for you.  I will coach you and offer you guidance and strategies while listening to and respecting your needs and boundaries.  Additional information available on the What To Expect with Clutter Clearing page of this website.

I draw upon my experience which includes intensive training and certification in the Linn Method for Clutter Clearing, clearing of my own personal clutter, as well as a 4 year odyssey clearing out the extremely cluttered home of my beloved father after his unexpected passing.


28 Day Ultimate Journey

$2307 includes in person support on first day of each of the 4 weeks plus phone meetings morning and evening of all other days

$3646 includes in person support for 20 days plus phone meetings morning and evening of all other days


4 Day Intensive  

$335 includes in person support on first day and phone meetings morning and evening of each remaining day

$645 includes in person support for each day


7 Day Intensive  

$499 includes in person support on first day and phone meetings morning and evening of each remaining day 

$1118 includes in person support for each day


Special Projects $52/hour


3% discount offered to clients paying in cash or by local check

Coaching for clients outside of the Seattle area is available by phone



Healing Session Referral Bonus Program

If you enjoyed your session, please spread the word to others!  For every 2 new clients you refer who book a healing session, you receive a free 1 Hour Session!  $130 Value


Complimentary Service

Inclusion of current clients, their pets, and loved ones in my weekly distance healing ceremony for one month following your session.  Ask for details!

Hours - Fall

Wednesdays  10am - 7pm 

Thursdays  10am - 3pm

Fridays  10am - 7pm

Saturdays & Sundays by appointment

none of these work for you?  we can make other arrangements to suit your needs


The Healing Sanctuary is located in beautiful West Seattle.  

Distance Energy Healing Sessions & Spiritual Consultations are available.  This means you can stay right where you are, so it's ideal if you are interested in working together but live far from Seattle.  Please contact me if you are interested in this option. In my work thus far, I have found my distance healing is most supportive when offered in a combination of Spiritual Consultation with Intuitive Healing work. Package pricing available! Distance healing I have found is also especially effective for emergency situations.

Home or Workplace Energy Clearing Sessions take place at your location and Clutter Clearing Coaching is available at your location or via phone.

Cristine Hahm is an Intuitive Healer. She is not a medical professional or registered psychologist. Her Intuitive Healing work is complementary to such treatments and is in no way intended as a replacement for them.