I invite you to join me at these upcoming events - more details below

  1. REIKI LEVEL 1 - open call for students, learn Reiki for healing of self & others
  2. WORKING WITH CRYSTALS - open call for students, learn about crystals and how to partner with them to support healing work for yourself, in your home, and for others 
  3. METAPHYSICAL FAIR - Mini Healing Sessions - Fall dates TBD -  One Saturdays each month 12-8 in Redmond

Reiki Level 1 Training - Call for Students

Are you feeling the call to study Reiki?  Does it feel in your heart that I am the right teacher for you?  Are you willing to commit to regular practice of Reiki so that it will yield results for you?  If you answered Yes, I invite you to reach out to me to learn more! or 206-456-4141

Level 1 Training class meets for 4 hours in West Seattle.  Exchange is $150.  

In this training you will be introduced to Reiki and learn the history of Reiki.  You will learn the Reiki hand positions, how to give a complete Reiki treatment to yourself and others, how to care for yourself as a practitioner including grounding techniques, and you will receive an Usui Reiki 1 Attunement.  Reiki attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to give Reiki treatments.  The class includes lecture, discussion, and experience.

You will receive the book; “Reiki, The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual” by William Rand.  You will receive a certificate of achievement confirming you are a Level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner.  LEARN MORE

Working with Crystals - Call for Students

Do you love crystals and find yourself drawn to them often?  Would you like to learn about how to care for, select and work with crystals?  Are you intrigued about making crystals grids and partnering with crystals to do healing work?  Does it feel in your heart that I am the right teacher for you?  If you answered Yes, I invite you to reach out to me to learn more! or 206-456-4141

 Class meets for approx. 3 1/2 hours in West Seattle.  Exchange is $50 

In this class you will be given a comprehensive overview of key things that will help you get started on your path of working with crystals.  I will share my insights and learnings from my personal and professional experiences working with crystals.  You will learn how to select and care for these wonderful beings, how you can enhance your life and work by incorporating crystals, including making crystal grids and supporting the chakras, and how I work with crystals in the healing work I do.  Learn how to utilize your intuition as your best guide in working with crystals.   Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow crystal lovers!  The class includes lecture, discussion, and hands-on experience with access to my vast collection of crystal friends.  You are welcome to bring your crystals!

You will receive handouts detailing my favorite Crystal Resources and a reference chart showing the key properties of numerous crystals that I've observed are prominent in my healing work and in crystal shops right now.


May 26, 2018 Metaphysical Fair  12-8pm, free to attend, $25 mini sessions 

Come by and say hello, or have a mini healing session with me!  I will be one of about 20 healers, vendors, and readers offering services at this fair.  There is a free intuitive panel from 12-1 where audience volunteers received insights and readings from an array of the fair's practitioners - it was amazing and I believe it will be offered at the May 26 event as well.  

Mini sessions create relaxation, stress relief, energy healing and intuitive insights.  In the 20 minute session, I weave together my skills with Reiki, crystal healing, tuning forks, essential oils, intuitive healing, shamanic visioning and chakra balancing to support what you need at this time.  We'll finish with combing your aura, which will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and often sparkly as well.  To pre-schedule your mini-session, reach me at or 206-456-4141

TCMM Fitness  8820 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, Washington 98052    MORE INFO

20 May 2018  Mystic Fair Fundraiser @Seattle Unity Church 12-4pm

I'm donating my healing services as a part of this fundraiser!  C'mon by and enjoy healing sessions at a great price and to support the work of this great organization!  Join us for our second annual Mystic Fair.  Spend time with practitioners specializing in Reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, hypnosis, astrology, healing stones and so much more.  $35 for two 20-minute sessions; additional sessions are $15 each. You will want to arrive early to register for a spot with the practitioners of your choice. Online tickets are available!  Buy them now and we'll have them at the Will Call Table.

Seattle Unity at 8th Ave North and John Street in South Lake Union

21 May 2018 TALK: Crystal Compendium 6-8pm $5/Public, free/BEPC Members

Come bask in the beautiful vibration of crystals! Cristine Hahm will share with us about her healing work with crystals. We’ll look at ideas on how you can enhance your life and work by incorporating crystals, and how to select and care for these wonderful beings. We will learn how to work with crystals including making crystal grids and supporting the chakras. Cristine will be bringing crystals from her collection for us to play with, learn about and enjoy!

Denny’s Restaurant, back room - 1246 Central Ave North, Kent WA 98032  MORE INFO